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Battle Born Rangers holds two shoots per month at the Fernley Range. These shoots are on the first and second Sunday of each month. 8:30 Signups 9:00 Mandatory Shooters Meeting followed By Shooting

In the spring of 2017 the members of HPD and RCCAS voted to create a new overall club and corporation name Battle Born Ranges. The two clubs shared the private Fernley range and almost all members belonged to both clubs so for a single entity saved considerable money and significantly reduced the overhead. While Battle Born Rangers is now the only Nevada entity, both the HPD and RCCAS charters were retained with SASS.

The new club consolidated both ROOP and HPD’s assets. The idea was to save money by eliminating duplicate fees to the State, insurance, and SASS.

The formation of BBR allowed for the reorganization of many aspects of both clubs to again reduce duplication of volunteers and efforts. Here are some of the highlights:

  1. There will be a single board comprised of three members.
  2. Both RCCAS and HPD will maintain their club identities for the monthly shoots
  3. We will only have two annual matches. ROOP County Days, and Wild Bunch.

In addition to the BBR Board, volunteers will take on all the individual duties of what we do as an organization. Such as Long Range, Range Master, IT, and Social Director.

The Board consists of:

  • Bordello Fellow – President
  • Brazos - Treasurer
  • Jasper Agate – Secretary



The range is behind the Fernley/Reno Raceway between Silver Springs and Fernley off Hwy 95A. 

NOTE: This is a private range located behind a locked gate. The days of the shoots, the gate will be unlocked about 7:30 AM. Please leave the gate the way you found it.




Important documents pertaining to Battle Born Rangers

49er Preacher completed the new corporations By-laws which were submitted to the state of Nevada. Click here to read the approved bylaws. 

11-11-2018 Board minutes





We will hold elections this spring to allow the membership to formally elect the Board.




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